Change is Hard

Change and Procrastination of most projects can be broken down like a 6th-grade book report!

So I have been looking at change and procrastinating like a 6th grader who has 2 days left to finish reading their book and create something amazing to demonstrate my fabulous understanding of this book that I haven't even finished, let alone understand. Let me explain.

You are reading this on my new website. I have a new website. I am very proud of this because I have been "trying" to convert my previous website since I was "kind of" notified by Square that they bought Weebly, my previous website builder/hosting provider, and would be providing nothing… Well, they didn't say the last bit; their actions did.

So, with four days left before my auto-renewal kicks into a service that is going nowhere, I finally moved my website to another provider (yeah me!). Why do you care about any of this? It's just a reminder that our kids are not the only ones who procrastinate. Let's look at this like any school project

See- my procrastination is not so different than a middle schooler…Sometimes, it seems I haven't learned as much as I'd hoped. What about you? As long as I can remember to extend myself the grace I try to with anyone else I'm working with on improving Executive Function Skills, and focus on learning, eventually, I too can remember change is good, even while learning how to navigate a new website. We're all learning. Sometimes we just need to be two steps ahead of our kids...

Spider-Man leaning on concrete brick while reading book
Spider-Man leaning on concrete brick while reading book