Homework time can be one of the most frustrating times we spend with our children. Following are some tips that helped my children and the students I work with.

I love graphic organizers! They take the stress out of trying to remember the structure of a writing assignment or project while trying to come up with the content at the same time. There are thousands of free samples online.

Don't worry- No matter what you try, it won't be what your child's teacher said to do. Ask your child to walk you through the math processes. Sometimes that's enough for your child to realize they do know what to do. Otherwise, there are some great math resources online. 

Executive Function refers to the organizational and planning skills as well as self-management and impulse control skills needed to process information and act on information. 

Games that can help build Executive Function Skills: Board games like Checkers, chess, mancala,  Monopoly, and Clue require planning, sustained attention, response inhibition, working memory, and metacognition skills and can be played as a family.

Memory and matching games are great for building working memory and recall. Games such as the following are great for students and older adults as well:

  • Match the Pictures

  • Crossword Puzzle

  • Match the Words

  • Daily Sudoku

Other online options for building Executive Function skills include:

Online Math Resources

Executive Function Skills

Graphic Organizers