What's In A Name?

How the Sagacious Dyslexic Found Its Name

On the first day of third grade, my youngest child came home with a large flash card. Written on it was one word: Sagacious.

I’ll be honest. I couldn't pronounce it since I had never seen or heard the word and well, I was very tired... My child proceeds to tell me that they are a "Sagacious Learner" and that they are clever and intelligent and actively learning about the world around them.

​That flash card was still taped to the wall in their bedroom until they graduated from high school! ​Teaching Win Ms. Kelley! You continue to be an inspiration at our house.

This one instance has helped to define how I worked with my child. Yes, they needed to learn to read, but more importantly, the focus was on learning to the best of their abilities, not just reading. I want them to always see themself as a Sagacious Learner. My child is Dyslexic. My child is both; The Sagacious Dyslexic.

I am incredibly thankful for those who have helped me navigate the ways to best support my child in their learning while addressing their struggles with Dyslexia and Dysgraphia. We're still learning. The Sagacious Dyslexic is my effort to share what I've learned with others facing similar challenges. I hope that you find something that helps you best support your child to become the Sagacious Learner I know they can become whether it's through services, resources, or shared stories! Our children succeed when we work together.